Both Dr. Miller and Dr. Sanborn are very knowledgeable and professional. Excellent communicators.


My experience was amazing! I cannot say it enough. I loved my doctor. She listened, was knowledgeable, and explained everything on my level.


Receptionist and Jeni were professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend them. It was a great experience.


A very warm and welcoming environment. I had fun!


Dr. Miller spent quality time with me. Receptionist was exceptionally considerate.


Exceptional care! They make you feel like family. I would recommend them to anyone


Always a pleasure visiting Premier!


Very pleased with Dr. Sanborn. She met all my concerns, was receptive, available and easy to speak with.


I am convinced that this product is the best I have experienced since I started using hearing aids a couple of years ago! The signia experience has given the most improvement in my hearing that I have ever encountered! Background noise is diminished and the Tinnitus is not so profound! In fact, there are times when the Tinnitus in my left ear is completely gone . . . . for hours at a time. I will always be grateful for this device!